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Sunday, July 17, 2011

the MissiNg pArt of Me~ V_V

it's no longer about HIM. it's no longer about THEM. it's about DEAR~ How i lost my dear for the selfish me. And it's not that i acknowledge but there's been confusion. Me and my dear.Dont really sure what we were feeling for each other but then we continued giving hopes and promises. Still,there were no guarantee.
There were no "deal". No knots. And then I'm lost. In the struggle to overcome my feeling towards HIM and to avoid from THEM. And DEAR,how many times do I have to say? There was zero feeling. He and me knew. But then,I don't know why am I saying all those things and why should I console you and why I feel bad about this and how my mind stucked thinking that you are not around. Confess? One fine day?? Pwehh..I don't know if we share it. So,in the time being,can I just let time does it work? If we were for each other,then let it be. And if it don't I'll just keep closing my eyes imagening you are always there 4 me.As you always do my DEAR~

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