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Saturday, August 20, 2011

  hati kita mati bila rohani tak makan.

"when u lost your way,He always be there"

Few days back,I always came to articles and opinions about us girls  not having a proper outfit and attitude. I been thinking about it now and then. Note that one of mu classmate,(my class rep) always made me and my friends shy about ourself. I mean,to them,I dont know. But to my realisation,I felt emmbarassed and I felt small comparing to girls with big HIJAB and LOOSE outfit. I'm jealous! They dont even have to think what to wear to class the next day. I mean,if it's me,I'll spend hours trying to mix and match my clothes so that I looked good,but there was "holes" everywhere. Short hijab,showing my ehem.,.tight jeans..short sleeves,,showing my not-so-flawless-hands,, but then,nothing! i didnt do any changes! And today,I have committed sins which I myself repented. Too much. I was so stressed out! I just cried and cried.. but then I saw my Al-Quran on the table and I cried again,louder.. And yes,I admit,.I'M LOST!! Thought nothing could save me,but a few articles I just read and songs played but my class rep,really touched my heart. And,thanks to CTU UITM PUNCAK ALAM for the kuliah TAUHID this morning. And now,I am on my way to find myself back. Or maybe a new NURUL NADIAH. Family and friends,do pray for me. :)

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