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Sunday, October 30, 2011

alL iN oNe

tiba tiba rasa sedih. tiba tiba rasa kosong. tiba tiba tak tau rasa apa. Pulak. haha. Umm.. Serius tak tahu nak cakap apa. Dalam hati rasa ngilu,sakit tapi sebab apa? HIM? DEAR? THEY? or FAMILY? or STUDIES?

well,frankly speaking I am not a little bit nervous about my results? what if I failed to further? what if I let my parents down after all what they have done for me? Ashamed. Yes I should feel that regarding I vividly not trying hard enough to excel in my studies. Too many games,too many distractions. but I used to be used to distractions. I used to be able to handle them,overcome them and get going on. What CHANGED? I am a BAD GIRL. D;

It's been like months since I walk this earth SOLO. seems fine to me tough my roomate kept saying that I'll be bored to death. HELL. No I WONT. ...... Well,a little bit. But having someone right now is so not appropriate dont you think? the only and main focus of my life right now is to make my parents happy and proud and make me proud of myself. RIGHT NOW,right..okeyy.. PPFFTTTT!! Decisions in life was neeevvveerrr easy huh? But I thought like for several times a week,like what if I let my LOVE out of my sight while I'm on my struggle? What if I let it passed by without trying to give it a shot? Right now,my heart is like a flower in a pot. When he like call or just text me my heart blooms like when you water a flower. Yeah like that! haha. But if i didn't hear from him I'll be like that dead flowers,dull and dry. Get it? Like right now. But what is more to ask? As long as he is happy and I am that would be enough,I guess,,huhu. :D we'll make it through. whole lot more things,great chances and fantastic adeventures await! RIGHT? Oh Ya Allah..please enlightened our path and show us the way. Aminn,,

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