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Sunday, January 6, 2013

life's mean ?



What can I say about LIFE? Nowadays , things didn’t really working out for me. I got stressed a lot. There goes my pre-wrinkles on my face huh?

I can’t find myself laughing these days. I mean , dude, when you’re watching Maharaja Lawak Mega , for sure you will laughing till your stomach explode wouldn’t you ?


Naaah , that’s just  my POKERFACE when watching the show.


Just because my sisters are laughing their heart out , so .


Perhaps I’m just worrying too much?

Eating too much?

Sleeping too much?

Done sins too much?

Seriously , I can’t find the innocent (buerk) or pure (urrghhh) looks on my face anymore.

Pimples , of course !

My eyebag is going worse . My weight is gaining (i’m eating Oreo mcFlurry right at this moment -.-)

I’m feeling like wanna nag everybody. Poor my lil sis Alia for she became the enemy.  I had the feeling that she hates me and I’m her most evil sister. L Haha. Last night I dreamt of her being killed in an accident so I cried in my dream and unconciously hugged her. J Next morning she went : Diah , semalam awak mimpi kot , nangis pastu peluk saya.

The truth is :

I already awake from the dream . And yeahh I cried . But hey I love her and the thought of losing her is unbearable so I hugged her CONCIOUSLY. J

Alia , if you read this. Diah is very sorry for being mean and a witch to you this couple weeks. Or months. Ehehe. :P

I would like to cry. D;


Dear , you’ve been so busy that I just felt a lost.

“ if you just realise what I just realise , we would be stuck to each other and we’ll never find another , if you just realise “ – Realise by Colbie Callat

Or maybe I’ve been hearing too much from others that I’ve didn’t able to spare my stories.

Duhhh , I know , I got friends , and yes , will look for them after this ,

Sure I don’t like people to rise their voice on me. Even if Mama ask me to do laundry or housechores I will be like .. urrgghhhh. Coz I like to make a move by my own. And hey , I am RAJIN okey. No need to ask , but sometimes I am a bit of lazycow myself. But I can’t take it forever that some people always treat us badly. Like can’t u say it properly ? Don’t you know it’s annoying ?

The problem with me is , even after I scold the person back , I’m the one who will be crying.


Okay , this is turning to a diary , I know. But I cant stop my fingers. So much in my heart that I can’t tell people face to face nor tell to somebody close. ;<

Oh hey , for 2013 since I’m 20 yawwww I decided not to have diaries anymore. Sad stories end when it happened, not going to continue in  a permanent writing in a piece of paper.

The end.




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