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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Small shirt pants tight , Assalamualaikum goodnight :)
Tonite my entry is about LOVE. What's LOVE mean to me ? Hm hm hm. Yeah I mean to the opposite gender of yours lhaa ladyyy . :> Hm hm hm again.
In just a few days I will turn 20. Oh God ! Ya Allah , feelin' like old already. kekkeke. ^_^
And I'm happily single and available. Duhh.. -_- 
I guess so. Well. At least there's many things I don't have to worry about. Dont have to text BF every hours or so on. Dont have to spend extra money on him. Dont have to worry , jealous , think about BF all the time. Dont have to do maksiat. Dont have to burden my heart or something like that. -.-
well , there so many DONT HAVE ! - so I guess it's ok ?
but then , being single kinda sucks? Goossh . I cant tell. These few months I've been thinking a lot about it. Sometimes when I'm feelin' down , I would like to tell it to a BF. When I'm happy also , I want to tell to someone ! When others are texting their BFs - I want it too ! ><  
LOVE is SOOOO COMPLICATED. Even my 4years and 20days  love experiece didn't teach me much. Though I always insisted that it was my first true LOVE. Naaahhh , I really don't know.
But , I strongly believe that my HUSBAND will always be my FIRST TRUE LOVE. I can guarantee that. :)

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