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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


To someone whose heart been torn apart by this bad girl , 

One man loves you 
That man loves you 
With all his heart 

He follows you around 
Like a shadow everyday 
That man is laughing and crying 

Just how much 
How much more do I
Have to just look at you alone 
This beggar-like love 
If I continue this way 
Will you love me ?

Just come to me closer 
a little more ..
I who love you am next to you now 
That man is crying 

That man is timid 
So he learned to laugh 
That man has many stories 
that he can't even tell his bestfriend
So his heart is full of tears 

That's why , that man 
You , he loved you 
Because you are just same as him 
Yet another fool ,
Yet another fool ,
Can't you hug me before you go ?

I want to receive love , baby
Everyday in my heart 
Just in my heart 
I shout and that man is next to her even today 

Do you know 
That man  is me ?
You're not pretending 
That you don't know , right ?
You really don't know 
Cause you're a fool 

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