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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hate The Love Song

During that short time of happiness 
I was sitting in the bus 
Listening to the music 
Trying to search my playlist for a happy love song 
But I found none 
Seemed that all this time 
I was always down ?
Poor little girl 
Don't know to whom should her heart be given
Want to take a shot
But a bullet went straight through her heart
And not once
Over and over again 
Sad impatience pathetic girl 
Now trying to make her living 
Trying her best to come to her senses 
Trying to be strong 
Behind those laughs and smiles 
If you've seen or heard this girl crying
Consider yourself lucky
She didn't cry to just anyone 
She just need a shoulder 
Someone she can lean on
Someone she can build hope in
Someone she could love 
And loved her back 

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